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Creating the third workspace.

Reef works together with venues across the world to help you and your team move into a collaborative hybrid workforce, as well as help reduce isolation & burnout in remote workers.

Why a third workspace?

We solve the problem around making agile working easy.


a year a company saves for every employee who works remotely at least 2.5 times a week


of employers have reported productivity has been the same or higher


of employees feel that working remotely reduces stress


Work anywhere

We have venues both locally and globally. Allow you and your team access to their best working environments to provide great work for your company and reduce their stress levels.


Receive discounts

You and your team will have access to many perks, including discounts on food, drink, hotel + meeting rooms, tech, gyms. We also listen to you and keep adding.


Meet others

Reef puts on networking events where you and your team can network over great food & drink, as well as meet the Reef team to learn about the latest updates.

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We think everyone should be allowed to have the ability to work from their perfect workspace other than the office. All our users will receive a 14 day free trial of the Reef platform, to make sure it's right for them before committing.

Currently available in the UK + across Europe

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