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Reef named in TechRound100

Posted by Admin on 25th November 2021

We are delighted to announce that Reef has been named in the TechRound100 - an annual competition that celebrates the most successful and innovative startups in the UK and is hosted by leading startup news... Read More

mental health

Forget pet-friendly offices or ping pong tables – mental health support and opportunities to socialise amongst the most in demand employee perks

Posted by James on 10th November 2021

New research reveals that mental health support is vital to attract new workersProfessor Cary Cooper: “Flexibility of when and where people work, along with a recognition that people have a life outside of the workplace,... Read More

the third workspace

Reef Expands Team ahead of European Launch

Posted by James on 10th September 2021

Reef App, the revolutionary new third workspace app, has made two senior hires in line with the company’s ambitious growth plans.Hannah Benton has joined the Yorkshire based firm as Chief Brand Officer and John Rae... Read More

luxury of working from home

Is the luxury of working from home ending?

Posted by James on 6th August 2021

Then the early nights, wet weather & cold snaps started creeping in. The lack of social interaction was also getting to us, even those who aren’t a fan of people. The mental health benefits from... Read More

remote working

The future of remote working. What is it?

Posted by James on 6th August 2021

What will offices and coworking spaces look like?We are all aware that office life pre-COVID isn’t likely to become a way of working for many people across the globe, but what will offices look like... Read More

employees increase productivity

50% of company owners say employees increase productivity working remotely

Posted by James on 6th August 2021

Hoxby, a virtual agency & consultancy firm, surveyed more than 1,000 UK office workers during the Coronavirus pandemic which also highlights that managers have been welcome by their team’s performances from home where 52% of... Read More