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7 Tips for Managing Your Employees Remotely

Posted by James on 30 Mar 2022

44% of UK people aged between 30 and 49 have worked remotely as of June 2021 (, 2022) and fully remote organisations are becoming the norm.


Only a quarter of those we surveyed are in the office full-time which means we need to pivot the way we’re running our organisations and managing people virtually. Here are seven tips on managing remote teams to get the best from them:


  • Continuous communication software

A key element we miss out on when we’re working apart from our colleagues is quick-fire questions. Sometimes setting up whole meetings for something that could've been asked quickly across a desk.


  • Setting clear expectations

Be upfront about when should your team be online, when you expect work to be completed and when your ‘office door is open’ i.e. when you’re available for 1-to-1 calls. In return, let them know exactly what to expect in terms of support, resource, software and growth or development.


  • Make sure they have a good working environment

If your team are working from a kitchen table with two other housemates and a barking dog with wifi that breaks down every 40 minutes, their work isn’t going to be optimal. If you can provide a good chair, second screen and options to work out of the house in alternative venues with sockets. Find out more here.


  • Full task visibility

Ensure your team has all the access they need to see what others are on with or where files are. Trello, Asana, Notion and Monday let your easily allocate tasks to individuals, see a ‘done’ list and share images and files with relevant team members.


  • Check-ins

A morning or evening huddle to check in what everyone’s on with and if they need extra support or resources is a great way to balance workload. Individual check-ins with your team to check progress and also on their health and habits. Working from home correlates with poor mental health when individuals don’t feel supported or develop bad habits or aren’t exercising or are in stressful environments, which in turn, impacts their work.


  • In-person events

Now we’re allowed to see others in person arrange away-days for strategy planning and team building. Many people haven’t ever met those they’re working with in person! This will build feelings of connection and also create motivation to work collaboratively if your team build professional relationships rather than being a name on a screen.


  • Show your appreciation

Little office perks like Friday bacon butties or someone doing the Starbucks run are missing when we’re working remotely. Send your employees a Deliveroo voucher for their lunch, a book in their field and small tokens like posting out easter eggs and advent calendars. Posting cards when they’ve hit a milestone or done some great work goes a long way.


All of these point to making sure your employees are able to feel valued, connected and are looking after their mental health, working in a positive environment.


You can find out more about Reef: the third workspace here.

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