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Benefits of wellness in the workplace
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Benefits Of Wellness in The Workplace

Posted by James on 10 May 2022

Making workplace wellbeing one of your top priorities is more important now than ever before. To put it bluntly, workplace wellness can make or break a business! Stressed, tired or undervalued employees will inevitably become disengaged, produce a lower quality of work and probably look elsewhere for employment.  

What are the benefits of promoting wellness in the workplace?

Improved motivation 

This one seems obvious but it’s true. Overall employee productivity and performance are likely to increase with a wellness program in place. 

Reduces stress

Stress isn’t good for anyone and a whopping 91% said that feeling overwhelmingly stressed negatively affects the quality of their work (Deloitte). Common stresses such as poor work-life balance can be eased by giving employees the flexibility to work from somewhere that isn’t home or the office. Check out Reef as a well-being perk to add to your program!

Leads to a positive work culture

Workplace wellness programs can help generate a positive company culture, which is crucial to retaining talent. How important is it? Bright HR state the average cost of turnover per employee (earning £25,000 a year or more) is £30,614 – ouch!

Reduces ‘sick days’ 

56% of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs. Organisations with a wellness program that promotes employees to exercise through discounted gym memberships, encourages taking annual leave or provides access to private healthcare are likely to see a decrease in sick days. 

Promoting and facilitating wellness at the workplace builds stronger teams and healthier organisations. It can have so many benefits to both the employee and employer! Add Reef as your companies wellness perk. Try for free today.

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