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Utilising Hospitality Venues for Remote Working

Posted by James on 19 Jan 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to adopt remote working policies, and many employees have found themselves working from home. While this has its benefits, such as increased flexibility and reduced commute times, it also has its drawbacks, such as isolation and lack of separation between work and home life. One solution to this issue is utilizing hospitality venues for remote working.

Hospitality venues, such as hotels and resorts, have the infrastructure and amenities needed for remote working, and can provide a change of scenery and a sense of separation between work and home life. Many hotels and resorts now offer day passes or co-working spaces that can be rented by the hour or day. These spaces often include high-speed internet, printing and copying facilities, and even meeting rooms.

In addition to the practical benefits, utilising hospitality venues for remote working can also provide a boost to the hospitality industry, which has been heavily impacted by the pandemic. By renting a co-working space or day pass at a hotel or resort, remote workers can support local businesses and help drive economic recovery.

Furthermore, many hotels and resorts have implemented strict sanitation protocols to ensure the safety of guests, which can provide added peace of mind for remote workers.

In conclusion, utilising hospitality venues for remote working can provide a solution to the drawbacks of working from home, while also supporting local businesses and promoting a sense of separation between work and home life. It is a win-win solution for both employees and the hospitality industry.


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