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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

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The subscription

We have 2 models. The first is the monthly subscription. This renews every 30 days. We also have the annual subscription, which is 12 months.

For the monthly subscription, it costs £8.99 per user per month. For our annual subscription, it’s £6.99 per user per month. We offer discounts when licences are bought in bulk. You can learn more about pricing on our pricing page. We also offer a freemium package.

Yes. If you have over 1,000 users, please get in touch.

No. We can take companies of 1 to over 1,000 onto the Reef app.

This depends on the package you go for. You can view this on our pricing page.

Using Reef

Once you have downloaded the app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, you will have received an email with a unique code. You can then create your password once you have logged in with your unique code.

You can view all venues around you in either list mode or map mode. You can then filter these venues down to find the perfect venue for you to work from.

Once you have found the venue you would like to book, scroll to the bottom of their profile and select the date and then time you would like to use the venue. Once completed, click the “Book now” button. You will receive a confirmation email once complete.

You can view what discounts the venue has on their profile section on the app. You can then show your digital Reef card located in the settings section of the app to the venue to be entitled to your discount. If you have any issues, please report here.

You can view this within the settings tab on the app, and clicking on discounts.

Other questions

You can download the Reef app from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

We currently have venues across the UK, The Netherlands, US & North Macedonia.

You can login to your company portal here with your email and password.

You can book a meeting with one of our team who can sign you up to our freemium version for you to see where our venues are located.

The best way to request new features is by joining our Discord channel.

You can send your team the link to our Discord channel:

Any device that has access to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store is able to download the Reef app.

Can’t find what you need? Our award-winning customer care team is here.

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